Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Track 1: Data Engineering and Data Calculation
    Large-scale data management, process, analysis, and data mining
    Information related data, image and signals processing, analysis, workflow, and mining.
    Internet-based statistics and data mining algorithms and applications
    Internet-based visualization; Internet-based database integration
    Internet-based, distributed, parallel, P2P, and Grid computing
    Database, Data Mining, and Data Warehousing
    Data Compression
    Data Encryption
    Database Systems
    Digital Library
    High Performance Computing
    Reconfigurable Computing Systems
    Ubiquitous Computing
    Mathematical and Computational Engineering
    Numerical Analysis
    Numerical Methods and Data Analysis

  • Track 2: Computer calculation and modeling
    Cloud-based e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Government
    Information systems for computational science and engineering
    Data mining and search in applications of computational science and engineering
    Internet-based internet computing for solving computational problems
    Information technology for collaborative computations in science and engineering
    Web services and grid computing for cooperative computing in science and engineering
    Internet-based applications for collaborative scientific computing
    Internet ontology and semantics
    Internet computer-human interaction
    Virtual Reality, Graphic computing; Graphic user interface design for scientists and engineers
    Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
    Internet-based applications -based scientific computing
    Graphics and Visual Computing
    Parallel/distributed computing and processing technology
    Computer Simulation
    Computer Modeling

  • Track 3: System and Engineering Calculation
    Cyber physical systems
    Computer system of systems and engineering architecture
    Cyber infrastructure-enabled Web computing in science and engineering
    Web-based learning in computational science and engineering
    Wireless computations in science and engineering
    Mobile computing, global personal computing system
    GPU-based high-performance computing
    Information Retrieval and Search Engine
    Computational Science and Engineering
    Computer Aided Engineering and Technology
    Computer Applications in Technology
    Computer Engineering
    Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
    Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
    Big Data, Cloud computing systems and applications in sciences, engineering, education, environment, and medical and healthcare systems, military and defenses, etc.